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ADHD – Social workers, Teachers,

and Parents Education Programme (A-STEP)

In light of the growing prevalence of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and the emerging new science and evidence, our research team aims to provide an online interactive platform to disseminate the latest research findings, to enhance public knowledge and awareness on ADHD diagnosis and management. Through our online platform, where information, educational videos, training courses and public lectures are accessible to all, we wish to address and solve the unmet needs of different stakeholders. We dedicate to create a long-term network amongst HKU researchers, patients and industrial collaborators for tailored training, peer and social support for ADHD care.

HKU Knowledge Exchange (KE) Impact Project 2020/21

We thank Takeda Pharmaceuticals (Hong Kong) Ltd., the Hong Kong Association For AD/HD, the below HKU departments, EdUHK I-WELL and Department of Special Education and Counselling ​for their generous support on A-STEP.

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