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Your teen years often come with new adjustments as you navigate through changes in school, relationships, etc. There may come times you feel misunderstood or frustrated because of your ADHD but it does not have to hold you back. In addition to continuing to take medications, here are some other tips for managing your ADHD while going to school or work:


Adulthood brings independence and responsibilities in many aspects of life, including work, family,  and finances, which all require balancing. Daily tasks may require focus and punctuality, often for  long periods of time in order to meet deadlines. Having ADHD may have an impact on both work  performance and relationships.


 Here are additional tactics that may be useful to ensure success in managing your day:


  • Sorting out and decluttering your space – throwing out what you don’t need will make organizing what you do need a lot easier.

  • Group similar items together in different locations to make finding and putting away easier.

  • When organizing, breakdown the workload into smaller chunks so that the task is more manageable.

Set a Daily Routine

  • Structure will allow for predictability. There will less unnecessary stress as it will be easier to know what will happen next in your day.

Take care of your body

  • Exercise, enough sleep, and eating healthy can all be beneficial for people with ADHD.

  • Working out can reduce hyperactivity, inattention, as well as stress, allowing you to be better focused during longer tasks.

  • Sleep deprivation and a poor diet can exacerbate ADHD symptoms, as well as reduce the ability to deal with stress and maintain focus.

Task Management

Task Management.png
  • Using a planner or app may be helpful for upcoming tasks or appointments. These may also allow for reminder to be set up so that you don’t forget or overlap appointments.

  • Don’t multi-task: Staying focused on one task at a time will increase your efficiency to finish the task, leading to greater productivity as well!

Minimize Distractions

  • This may look like turning your phone onto Do Not Disturb mode, wearing headphones, or making sure you work in a quiet space without many people who can interrupt you as you work.

  • A tidy workspace may also minimize visual distractions.

Financial Management

  • Impulsive buying, disorganization, and payment procrastination may cause issues in money management for adults with ADHD.

  • Use Online Banking: This can make bill paying much easier without paper clutter. Online banking also allows you to access your accounts / money at all times to see how much and where you’re spending it.

  • A budgeting app may also be helpful to keep track of your savings / spending.

  • Set reminders for when payments, such as credit cards, are due.

  • Create a set list of questions to ask before impulse buying as questions may curb impulse shopping

  • For example, Do I really need it? Do I know exact scenarios I will need to use it?

  • Consistently getting second opinions before purchase may also be useful.

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