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Individuals with ADHD

Education and career path guidance:


Due to the symptoms of ADHD, individuals with ADHD may face difficulties that hinder them from developing their academics, such as lacking focus during class or study sessions, not completing homework or assignments, being punished in class for disruptive behaviour. This can culminate a negative association to learning and eventual difficulties in further education and career path development.

  • Younger individuals with ADHD may require more encouragement and special tactics to enhance their focus and in gearing a positive mindset to learning, e.g. group classes or games to make learning more approachable.

  • Exposure to tertiary studies and career paths can be provided to adolescents and adults with ADHD, along with equipping them with skills for academic admissions or job applications, continuous training and guidance may lead to better performances academically and in their careers.

Social interaction:


Peers may be uninterested to interact with individuals with ADHD, possibly due to disruptive behavior, which can lead to limited opportunities to develop social interaction skills and awkwardness.

  • Coaching and social interaction activities can be used to develop social skills and executive functioning.

Conflicts with self and other individuals (peers, teachers, family members):


Family members, peers and teachers who do not understand the ADHD condition well may have misunderstandings with the academic performance of the individual with ADHD, socially discouraged behaviors may also lead to conflict with other people who interact with the individual with ADHD.

  • Counselling services can be provided to the individual to resolve their internal and external conflicts, examples of conflict resolution include: Peer mediation programs, bibliotherapy, narrative-based interventions which can help teach individuals negotiation and communication skills.

  • Other areas of counselling focus on motivation and self-efficacy, reducing self-critique and developing interests, resolving mood problems.

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