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Available services in Hong Kong


Assessment in Maternal and Child  Health Centre (MCHC), referred by pre-  school educators (Comprehensive Child  Development Service)

 ➤ Referral form for educators :

➤ MCHC sends final reply  to the education centre

Evaluation by Educational Psychologists  (EDB or school sponsoring body),  referred by teachers or social worker

 ➤ Provide referral letter and intervention  recommendations and/ or assessment  summaries to the school and parents

Primary & Secondary School

Educational Psychologists’ evaluation (EDB or school-based), referred by Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo) or social worker

➤ Provide referral letter, intervention recommendations, or assessment summaries to the school and parents

Parents may raise concern to and request referral from the Student Health Service (SHS)

➤ Provide assessment summary to parents

Below 6 years of age

Further Assessment: Department of Health Child Assessment Service

(ages ≤12)

➤ Provide assessment summaries for the school and parents; Diagnosis may be made if a psychiatrist is present

➤ Please bring documents required  (

and complete registration form  (

At or Above 6 years of age

Referred to Hospital Authority’s Psychiatric Day Hospital/Child & Adolescent Psychiatric Day Hospital

New appointment booking documents:

  1. HKID card (or a valid identity document)

  2. Referral letter issued within the last 3 months from a Clinical Psychologist/ Educational Psychologist/local registered medical practitioner

  3. Original local residential address proof issued within 6 months (e.g. utility bills, tax bills etc.)

  4. School report/ exam or test paper samples (if applicable)

List of clinics:

Waiting time for new case booking:


Private Psychiatrists 1

Evaluation at General Out-patient Clinics/ by  registered medical practitioners

➤ Provide referral letter to parents

Integrated Community Centre for Mental  Wellness (ICCMW) (target: in secondary school  or beyond)

➤ Referral to psychiatric evaluation

  • Self-application; or

  • Referral through doctors, social workers, allied health professionals or government departments, etc.

List of ICCMW:

Financially concerned individuals  

➤ May seek private psychiatric evaluation in via funding programs in our website

Assessment by Clinical Psychologists/  Educational Psychologists in private clinics or  other organizations

➤ Provide referral letter and intervention  recommendations and assessment reports to  the school and parents

1. Source from Hong Kong Association for AD/HD

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