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Mental-Health and Stress Management


People with ADHD may feel a heightened level of stress due to more difficulties regulating emotions and negative reactions. Small stressors such as missing deadlines or forgetting appointments may compound into unhealthy levels of stress and anxiety. However, with more awareness on your emotions and utilization of available resources, sources of stress and anxiety may be able to be reframed and reduced.

*For more information on additional coping mechanisms and stress management for people with ADHD, please refer to the Patient Toolkit.

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Patient with ADHD



  • Act as support at home

  • Major player in behavioural  modification practice

  • Maintain clear communication  with teachers and understand  children’s learning progress

  • Develop trust with children to  strengthen relationships for  mental/ emotional support



  • Act as support at school

  • Supports students with ADHD in  mediating social interactions  with their peers

  • Providing an environment that  supports education in students  with ADHD by utilising specific  tools and techniques in teaching

  • Help manage students with  ADHD outside home settings


Social Workers

  • Mediator for families, teachers,  and people with ADHD

  • Act as a bridge for providing  resources such as government  and NGO support; assist in  providing referrals for medical  and clinical support

  • Patient develops trust with  social workers as reliable  figures and can confide in them

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